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To offer excellent quality oranges, tangerines and clementines throughout the entire year, the Naranjas Torres production process operates under the strictest quality standards such as Global G.A.P. (since 2011), ISO-22000 (since 2013), IFS Food  (International Featured Standards) and BRC Food (British Retail Consortium) (since 2017), in Torres oranges, tangerines and clementines.

All Torres products are subject to rigorous quality controls to ensure that they remain in optimal conditions for food safety, quality and freshness throughout the entire process.

  • Our quality policy is based on:

    • Customer satisfaction.
    • Continuous improvement and food safety.
    • Utmost care in the production process.
    • Respect for the environment and natural resources.
    • Well-being of our employees.


For the third consecutive year, in 2019 Naranjas Torres has obtained the highest level in both IFS (higher level) and BRC (AA level) for Torres oranges, tangerines and clementines.

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These quality certificates provide confidence to the distribution chains, points of sale and consumers who buy our oranges, tangerines and clementines, as they guarantee:

Transparency and safe food in processes and in the entire supply chain.


The legality, authenticity, safety and quality of the products.


Compliance with the current legislation on food quality and safety.


Compliance with all procedures and technical instructions verified by Naranjas Torres.


Communication organised and recorded by all parties involved.


Minimisation, control and recording of risks to food safety.


Internal training in food hygiene and fraud, food defence, control of allergens and food handling.


Specific training of the staff members on their jobs and on occupational health and safety.



The quality policy of Naranjas Torres means that we control all processes involving the handling of the fruit: starting from the field and their cultivation until they reach the point of sale:

  • Advice to suppliers and farmers
  • Review of field notebooks
  • Harvesting with a methodological selection of our oranges, tangerines and clementines in the best fields and at the optimum point of maturity
  • Receipt of the fruit and quality control
  • Internal quality and organoleptic analysis
  • Multi-residue analysis of pesticides
  • Stock management and control
  • Calibration and manual selection of fruit
  • Production
  • Analysis of shelf life Direct distribution in our own transportation company
  • Marketing through our own offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Zaragoza


The quality policy of Naranjas Torres, based on continuous improvement, encourages the development of R&D lines to offer higher quality products, in keeping with the new demands of customers and environmentally-friendly. These priority lines are:

  • Study and optimization of post-harvesting processes and treatments
  • Environmental improvements: reuse of water, treatment of wastewater and improved energy efficiency
  • Pesticide residue degradation study
  • Study of the performance of new varieties in the field
  • Study of the performance of new varieties post-harvesting and their shelf life