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    Do you want to join our team?

    Do you want to join our team?

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    We are a cardio-protected company


    We design training plans by department and career plans.


    We work hard to achieve the growth of the employees together with the company.


    We have introduced a physiotherapy service


    From the beginning, Naranjas Torres has focused on caring for its employees.


    We work hard to achieve the growth of the employees together with the company, designing training plans by department and career plans, and we look for people focused on excellence and committed to the company.


    Concerned about creating a healthy working environment, we have introduced a physiotherapy service available to employees to prevent musculoskeletal injuries.


    At Naranjas Torres we highly value personal and professional growth, as well as the employee’s efforts, with internal promotion opportunities for their development.

    We work to create a respectful working environment without any kind of discrimination and where people are encouraged to adopt the polite and respectful treatment of everyone forming this great family, focused on emotional well-being.


    One of the pillars of our Occupational Health and Safety Policy is currently to promote the health and well-being of both our employees and the community and consumers, through the transmission of healthy lifestyle habits and the sponsorship and promotion of various sporting and cultural activities.


    We are committed to equal conditions, working on measures that favor a balance between work and family life, which are never established for gender-based reasons, and helping our employees to make this possible.


    We are also a cardio-protected company as this year we have installed a defibrillator and we already have over 20 people trained in how to use it. We can now respond to cardiac arrests and pulseless ventricular tachycardia.