Who breaks? It does not matter, as long as I can go for the number 5, without problems. The orange billiard ball stands out above all others, for its brightness, its intense color, its … Good food? How is it possible?

Well, without realizing we have broken the metaphor to talk about what is really important: Naranjas Torres, a company of family tradition that for almost five decades, five, like that billiard ball that has made us divert attention from the text, offers the best oranges on the market, the freshest, the tastiest, the highest quality oranges. Round, bright, intense … like billiard balls.

How did you not tell me before I challenged you? I played with the advantage of having tasted that succulent fruit of the orange tree. I have been able to monitor the entire process, from the field, from the flower of the orange blossom, until it reaches the customer’s table. I always like billiards, since I know Naranjas Torres, since I know how they work from day to day, from sun to sun, to synchronize with nature and find the best fruits of the field.

The green tapestry of the pool table of the orange trees of Almenara, the sap close to the Mediterranean, the omnipresent aroma of the sea, the orange blossom whose smell pervades everything, the imposing figure of the orange tree and the terraces from which hang the dreams of the generations that have managed to find the formula for that good food that shapes the family, traditional and fresh caliber of Naranjas Torres.

Who breaks?
New match.